Tests on Seaplast plastic products
Seaplast Srl: plastic presswork and products for the scaffolding protection and safety

Certification of the pedestals

The scaffolding pedestal is the product exposed to the highest physical stress.
Tests executed at Genoa University certify the strength of the scaffolding pedestal AE400/AE402 produced by Seaplast.

Certificate (in Italian): Certificato AE400

Test results (in Italian, with graphs): Rapporto_prove_Seaplast

Self-extinguishing products - V.1 Series

All Seaplast products for the scaffolding protection can also be made of self-extinguishing material of class V.1.

A material is classified V.1 when the flame extinguishes within 30 seconds without drops.

Therefore, these products are useful for all the situations in which such material classification is necessary (i.e. to decrease the fire risk); Seaplast provides these products together with a compliance Declaration.

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